Faster training

Picker training can be accomplished in minutes using smartglass, effectively cutting down valuable time and costs.

Easy navigation

PikVu guides the picker in a warehouse using a 3D arrow without having to interpret his path.

Simple identification

Augmented reality on markers allow the pickers to easily identify the goods inside the warehouse.

Performance estimation

Our technology can track pickers with sub-meter accuracy, enabling you to continuously monitor them in realtime.

Easy setup

Our product adapts easily to changes in environment giving the admin an easy setup process.

Real time productivity

With submeter tracking of the pickers, admin can visualize the real time productivity with graphs.

How it works?


Our augmented reality technology helps pickers reach the destination by following a 3D arrow.


Pickers can easily identify the rack using a smartglass combined with our 2D augmented reality display.


With the help of our ring scanner, pickers can work hands free without using the cumbersome hand held scanners.


Our UI enables the picker to double check the identifaction which reduces the error rate by 99.99%.

Admin Console


Our submeter tracking gives a pictorial representation of a picker's status and productivity by using smilies.


Tabular representation of picker details gives crucial realtime information that can be used to improve warehouse efficiency.

Mapping tool

Our mapping tool lets you to draw and edit the warehouse and it rapidly adapts to the change in environment.


Reports provide a time history of the productivity of individual pickers and the entire unit in realtime.

Some of our

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