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Hands Free

Smart glass enables the work force to reduce their manual work and increase productivity using gestures and voice control.

4D Visualization

Our Augmented reality technology allows the work force to view the inventory data over a virtual screen through the smart glass, which enables easy access to required information.

Complete Automation

The complete ‘pick and pack’ process in warehouse management is automated through smart glasses and synchronized with the cloud.

Real Time Tracking

With the help of the tracking system employed by the smart glass all the inventory goods can be tracked in real time and can be traced from any location.


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A centralized cloud securely stores all inventory data which is synchronized with the smart glass. So there is no need of temporary database for each machines

Data Analytics

The data is not only stockpiled in the database but also studied, processed, analyzed, managed and presented to user providing the finest benefits of data analytics.

Android Platform

Our software is developed for the Android platform which is incorporated in most of the smart glasses providing more comfort and less hardship for the workforce.

API Integration

Our platform supports 3rd party API's which enables administrator to integrate other existing software easily.

Reducing Manual Work

The manual work of recording the package information in the database and updating the stock information periodically is no more required as it is completed computerized and automated with the advent of GetVu.

Faster Deployment

The entire process of warehouse management is made quicker by enabling the exotic features of GetVu that helps transforming the frustration in handling raw data into more enjoyable work environment.

About Us

GetVu is a solutions provider on a mission to drive innovation through the rapidly emerging technologies of augmented reality and wearable devices.
Our initial solutions focus will streamline supply chain management processes offering more accessibility to real-time data, optimized workflow efficiencies, and improved automation to manual labour processes.

Empowering Real Time Business


Graphs and charts of the data can be generated with our software. This enables the user to do analysis of various data.

Multiuser Support

It allows multiple users access to various information and data.

Anytime Anywhere Anydevice

All the details regarding pick and pack process, availability of stocks can be accessed from anywhere

Notification & Report Generation

It automatically generates reports and notifies the user, which saves him a lot of time.

Stocks & Out of stocks analysis

The In stock and out of stock details can be analyzed and indications to purchase the stocks can be made.

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Better chance to know about us

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